Company Profile


Locally Owned and Operated. New Age Tech Solutions is a mobile-based service company providing tech services to residential and commercial clients in the Greater Denver Area. We specialize in wireless and cloud based hardware for automation, connected media, security systems, smart cameras, mobile devices, and any other devices used in the home from laptops to printers, all of these are now part of what is called the Internet of Things, IoT for short.

Here at New Age Tech Solutions we find ways to apply technology to your life that not only improves it in many ways, but allows you to have more peace of mind, convenience, efficiency, and security. With years of experience in electronics, home networking, and science and engineering training. We bring you solutions to tackle a variety of jobs. The company was started in response to sudden adoption of technology in every aspect of our lives, from google home assistants in the home to Amazons alexa in your car. While these large tech companies have streamlined the installation processes, and provided helpful support to troubleshoot issues, the Internet of Things is a complex and multilayered system, and finding the right solution to your problem could be time consuming and frustrating. We aim to make your life easier, by solving these problems for you. Everything from laptop OS installation repairs and Custom PC-Builds, to Full Smart Home Makeovers, complete with sensors, cameras, smart assistants, and smart lighting. Let us be your tech guy.